Mexican Chicken Rice Recipe, The Taste Is Really Unique

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Make this Mexican Chicken Rice as the ultimate recipe that is fast and easy to cook for every day. For breakfast to dinner, use this recipe to make your family happy!

Mexican-style Chicken Rice sounds interesting. Apparently not need too many kinds of ingredients or meticulous cooking process. This is an example of a recipe that is easy to cook every day!

The way to prepare is rice that has been washed clean. Then, saute the onion with tomato sauce. Cook with rice and add green chili which is a substitute for jalapenos or habanero. Add the cooked red beans and chopped chicken breast. Cook with water that has been seasoned with Chicken Broth. Wait until it is cooked and Chicken Rice a la Mexico is ready to be enjoyed.

There are still many other rice recipes that you should try after this one.

500 g of rice
15 g garlic
15 g tomato sauce
30 g onion
15 g large green chili
120 g red beans
1 cut chicken breast
3 tsp paprika powder
50 g Chicken Broth

How to make
1. Slice the onion, then saute until flavorful. Add minced garlic, wait a moment until fragrant. Enter the tomato sauce and cook until blended.

2. Then add the rice that has been washed and stir well.

3. Add the large green chili that has been cut to the size of a finger and cooked red beans. Place the chicken breast that has been crushed by paprika powder on top of the rice.

4. Add the water mixed with Chicken Broth as needed to cook rice. Serve after cooked.

This recipe please try and enjoy.