Recipe for Japanese Cheeseburger Dumplings, Enjoying Unique and Contemporary Snacks

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This one unique treat is not to be missed – Japanese Cheeseburger Dumplings. An exciting mix of two worlds that fits is presented this weekend. Let’s look at the recipe below!

Japanese Cheeseburger Dumplings? A very unique combination!

Japanese Cheeseburger dumplings can be an interesting surprise for your beloved family at home. Presented warmly when the event gathered on a sunny weekend, of course, will make everyone surprised because of its uniqueness. That’s why you need to try it!

Stuffing is the most vital part of various recipes for gyoza, dumplings and the like. The combination of stir-fried onions, minced meat, and many other ingredients in the life of this recipe. After finishing processing the filling part, fill it on the gyoza skin and then it’s ready to be fried. Use pan-sear techniques for healthier or steaming results. For me, I love fried gyoza, so the texture is crisp and even more tempting to eat.

Stuffing Material
200 g minced beef
50 g of cheddar cheese
25 g onion
2 tsp mustard
2 tsp soy sauce English
1 leek stalks
1 teaspoon of cornflour
2 teaspoon bottled chili sauce
7 g Beef Broth

Ingredients Dumplings
14 gyoza rind
tomato sauce

How to make
1. Stuffing ingredients: Onions are cut into small cubes, then saute until fragrant and cool.

2. Mix minced meat with other ingredients.

3. Enter cornflour and Beef Broth, stir until evenly distributed.

4. Prepare the gyoza skin, then take enough filling material and wrap the dumpling-shaped wrap according to our taste.

5. Japanese cheeseburger dumplings are ready to be fried or pan-sear.

This recipe please try and enjoy.